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Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team of Donegal County Council is made up of the Chief Executive and five Directors of Service and a Head of Finance.  The Chief Executive is responsible for the day to day running of the organisation and in particular implementing the policy decisions of the elected Council.  Donegal County Council has six Directorates and each Directorate is headed up by a Director of Service or Head of Finance as set out below.



John McLaughlin Portrait

Mr. John G McLaughlin

Chief Executive 


Garry Martin 90x90 image

Mr. Garry Martin

Director of Economic Development, Emergency Services and Information Systems


Liam Ward 90 x 90

Mr. Liam Ward

Director of Community Development & Planning Services


‌‌‌Patsy Lafferty 90x90 image


Mr. Patsy Lafferty

Director of Housing, Corporate & Cultural Services


Bryan Cannon 90x90 image

Mr. Bryan Cannon

Director of Roads and Transportation


 ‌Michael McGarvey 90 x 90

Mr. Michael McGarvey

Director of Water and Environment



Mr. Richard Gibson

Director of Finance