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Donegal Public Participation Network (PPN)

The Donegal Public Participation Network (PPN) is the link through which your organisation can have a direct role in the policy making and oversight of local government. If your organisation is involved in the environment, social inclusion or community and voluntary sector then you can join the Network. Through the PPN organisations can cooperate, share information and ideas and elect members to Local Authority decision making bodies and relevant community structures.


Becoming a PPN member is easy and is free of charge so if your community organisation/group wishes to register, you can do so online through the link below:


Alternatively you can print out the  form in the link below:

PDF version of a PPN Registration Form and return it to the address provided.


This is also available in Irish.


You can learn more about the PPN Structure and how it works‌‌‌‌


You can also see the PPN Secretariat Membership


If you have a query or would like more information as regards registering for the PPN, please contact either:


Mary Clyde

PPN Resource Worker

Donegal County Council

Milford PSC





Bobby Smith

Community & Enterprise

Donegal County Council

Letterkenny PSC





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