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Temporary Exhibitions


Donegal County Archives has a dedicated space for small scale temporary exhibitions at the Three Rivers Centre, Lifford. It also regularly contributes archives to the exhibitions of Donegal County Museum and other heritage centres or museums.


The Past in the Present: Donegal County Archives Exhibition


The Archives Service also has its own touring exhibition, The Past in the Present, a theme based series of panels celebrating over 250 years of County Donegal's history and culture, and using the extensive archives of the County Archives to illustrate this history. This exhibition, consisting of three large panels, is available to heritage and community organisations and centres to borrow. Contact the Archives Service, via Donegal County Council if you are interested.


The exhibition showcases photographs and documents from the CountyArchives’ many collections. The images on display are examples from the thousands of local archives, of both public and private origin, which make up the holdings of Donegal County Archives. Also included are some privately owned photographs which were kindly loaned to us for the exhibition.


The panels illustrate the significance and relevance of local history for the living, hence the title The Past in the Present.  For example, the workhouses of Donegal are no more but the memories survive. The railways may be gone but their impact is still felt today. 


The exhibition also demonstrates enduring connections between the past and the present. Life for the generations who grew up in the towns, villages and countryside of Donegal a hundred years ago was very different to what it has since become; but the past still resonates with people living today. The old cinemas no longer exist but we still love going to the movies. The curriculum has changed over the years but the school rollbooks and many of the school buildings remain the same. There is a continuity with our history, which is reflected in the exhibition.

 Themes are Donegal Wains, Homesteads, Days of Toil, Fun & Games, Journeys in Time, Faith and Worship, Local Democracy, Landlords and Tenants, and Conflict.

 Past in the Present Exhibition panel

 One of the panels of The Past in the Present Exhibition.


Past in the Present Exhibition booklet

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