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EU CAPITEN Project developing Marine Tourism

CAPITEN (Atlantic Cluster for Technological and Economic Innovation in the Nautical Sector) is a €3 million European collaborative project that brings together 18 partners from Scotland, Ireland, France, Portugal and Spain.


CAPITEN is an EU Interreg funded project under the Atlantic Area Programme (AAP).


The CAPITEN project is developing a number of exciting new elements including new marine product innovation, environmentally sustainable marine tourism, inshore and sea-going navigation aids, port information points and marine tourism itineraries.


Donegal County Council is specifically managing the events element of the CAPITEN project.


CAPITEN encourages local communities and visitors to experience coastal maritime activities delivering a viable portfolio of events to attract visitors to Atlantic Area partner regions, to enhance Donegal’s international profile as a maritime destination of excellence, to strengthen our maritime sporting activities, provide support for activity providers and to maximise the economic, social and environmental benefits of events to all partner regions.


CAPITEN Maritime Festival and Event Funding

Funding and marketing support for maritime festivals and events to be held in Donegal in 2019