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Thatch Repair Grant Scheme - Award Nomination

Thatch repair at Ballykeeny


We're delighted to announce that Donegal County Council’s Thatch Repair Grant Scheme has been shortlisted for a Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Award in the ‘Heritage & Built Environment’ category. The award recognises the best local authority initiatives to promote public interest in, and knowledge, appreciation and protection of local heritage. The awards event will be hosted by Mary Kennedy (formerly of RTÉ Nationwide) and will take place on-line on Thursday, November 26 at 3:30 p.m. 


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County Donegal is home to one of the largest surviving concentrations of thatch structures in Ireland. Our thatched buildings are one of the most iconic and enduring images of County Donegal. Donegal County Council recognises the contribution that thatched dwellings and outbuildings make to our built heritage, cultural landscape, employment, economy and tourism.


The aims of the Thatch Repair Grant Scheme are to: (i) provide specialist advice to owners on the conservation of their thatched structures; (ii) allocate funding for small-scale thatch repairs and associated works to vernacular buildings;and/or (iii) facilitate homeowners to undertake thatch repairs under conservation supervision.


Types of small-scale thatch repairs that might be eligible to Donegal County Council’s Thatch Repair Grant Scheme include repairs to the eaves, the ridge, flashings around the chimney, holes, furrows, fixings, ropes, wire netting, the gable and the roof timbers or carpentry.   


The Thatch Repair Grant Scheme is a cross‐directorate initiative between the County Donegal Heritage Office, Housing, Corporate & Cultural Services Directorate and the Conservation Office, Community Development & Planning Services Directorate. The public response to the scheme has been overwhelming again this year and the Thatch Repair Grant Scheme is supporting 26 thatch repair projects in County Donegal. The scheme supports local jobs in thatching, agriculture and tourism. As well as identifying and conserving historic thatch, the scheme is yielding important information on thatching materials, thatching methods, local thatchers and the challenges facing thatch homeowners. 


The Thatch Repair Grant Scheme was supported by funding from Donegal County Council, Creative Ireland and The Heritage Council this year as part of the County Donegal Heritage Plan. Applications to the Thatch Repair Grant Scheme for 2020 have closed but we look forward to providing much-needed support to County Donegal's thatch dwellings, business premises and outbuildings in 2021. 


An Action of the County Donegal Heritage Plan (Action 2.2) &

the Culture & Creativity Strategy for County Donegal (Action 5.6).


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