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Update February 2022


Detailed discussions in relation to the preparation of the Letterkenny Plan (inclusive of a Local Transport Plan for the town) are continuing at Council level. At the plenary meeting on 21st February 2022, the Elected Members noted that there are a number of complex challenges facing the town and decided that further engagement and deliberations with statutory agencies will be necessary to enable the finalisation of the Draft Plan. Following the aforementioned engagements, a revised timeline for the Plan process will be published here.  The publication of the draft Letterkenny Plan will be publicised, and further public consultation events will be held at that time in accordance with normal statutory requirements.



Report on the Consultation Events

of May and June 2018 and February 2019


During the months of May and June 2018 and February 2019, approximately 700 people took part in consultation events to inform the preparation of a Local Area Plan for Letterkenny.


The events focussed primarily on the preferred strategic direction of the town and particularly a strategic growth proposition that would cater for Letterkenny to grow to a future city of +35,000 and be a regional economic driver in the North West City Region.


Taking account of all of the feedback from the consultation events, it is clear that at a strategic level, there is consensus within the communities in Letterkenny that the growth proposition is the vision and direction for which we should plan.


The Letterkenny communities have collectively identified 9 key strategic themes that they consider as essential activity/measures/approaches to deliver on the vision.  Click on each theme below to find out more.


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More information on what people said at the consultation events of May and June 2018 can be viewed at the following link: Find out more.


More information on what Representatives of the Irish Wheelchair Association, Youth Council and Older Peoples Forum said, can be viewed at the following link: Find out more.


Next steps:

The 9 strategic themes that have emerged from the consultation process will now guide the drafting of a working document of the Draft Local Area Plan. 


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