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Draft Letterkenny Plan and Local Transport Plan 2023-2029


Update 6th January, 2023


The Draft Letterkenny Plan and Local Transport Plan 2023-2029 and associated environmental and technical reports were published on 6th January, 2023 for a public consultation period of six weeks. The consultation period will close on 17th February, 2023.


For full details of the consultation please go to:


You can also view the documents at the following links:


Draft Letterkenny Plan and Local Transport Plan 2023-2029
Draft Land Use Zoning Map

Interactive Map 

Environmental Report
Natura Impact Reportt
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
Traffic Modelling Report


Submissions or observations with respect to the Draft Plan and associated reports may be made between Friday 6th January 2023 and Friday 17th February 2023 (both dates inclusive):


-       in writing to the Planning Authority at: The Central Planning Unit, Donegal County Council, County House, Lifford, F93 Y622;

-       via the Council’s online consultation portal at ; or

-       via email to [email protected] (please insert following in ‘Subject Title’ bar: Letterkenny Plan) Submissions            made via email must include the full name and address of the person making the submission.  




Update 28th November, 2022


At the Plenary Council meeting of 28th November, 2022 the Members of Donegal County Council authorised publication of the Draft Letterkenny Plan and Local Transport Plan for public consultation. It is anticipated that the Draft Plan will be published on 6th January, 2023 for a public consultation period of six weeks i.e. until 16th February, 2023. Thereafter, it is anticipated that the Chief Executive’s Report on the submissions made on the Draft Plan will be considered at the March, 2023 Plenary Council meeting (or, if considered necessary, a Special Plenary meeting around this time).



Update July 2022


Background to the Working Draft Letterkenny Plan


At the plenary Council meeting of 30th May 2022   the Members approved the formal commencement of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Appropriate Assessment (AA) processes in respect of the approved Proposed Draft Letterkenny Plan (inclusive of a Local Transport Plan).


The Members also approved moving ahead with the completion of the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) and Traffic and Transport Assessment (TTA) processes in respect of the Proposed Draft Plan and authorised the Executive to further edit the approved Proposed Draft Plan where such requirements are identified and where any such edits would be non-material in nature.


Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Appropriate Assessment (AA).

The Planning Authority has:

  1. Screened the Draft Letterkenny Local Area Plan for SEA in accordance with Article 14 of the Planning and Development Regulations, 2001 (As Amended) and determined that Strategic Environmental Assessment is required; and
  2. Screened for Appropriate Assessment in accordance with Section 177U (1) to (4) of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 [As Amended], and determined that Appropriate Assessment inclusive of the preparation of a Natura Impact Report is required. 
  3. The Planning Authority have consulted with the Environmental authorities and Adjoining planning authorities in relation to the scope and level of detail of information to be included in the Environmental Report.


  • In compliance with the aforementioned Regulations the planning authority must now make copies of its SEA  determination decision (which is in the form of a Chief Executive’s Order) available for public inspection at the offices and libraries of the planning authority during office hours(subject to Covid-19 protocols) and on the authority’s website.  Copies of the associated ‘Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Report and ‘Notice of Determination’ are also available for inspection. Links to copies of the said Determination, ‘Screening Report’, and ‘Notice of Determination’ are provided below:


The next steps in the process are as follows:


It is hoped to bring the following reports before the full Council for consideration at the September 2022 meeting:

  1. The Environmental Report (prepared to inform the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process),
  2. The Natura Impact Report (prepared to inform the Appropriate Assessment (AA) process),
  3. Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA),
  4. Traffic and Transport Assessment (TTA).


Should the  Proposed Draft Letterkenny Plan 2022-2028 be Adopted at the Plenary Council meeting in September, it is envisaged that the Plan would then be published for public consultation in November 2022.  


Any further queries in relation to the preparation of this ongoing work should be directed to: [email protected] or phone 074 9153900