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Planning Clinics 2020

Please note  pre planning clinics during the Corvid-19 restrictions  are on a telephone call only basis between 09.30am and 12.30pm on the dates outlined below.

See below for details of telephone arrangements


Clinics dates are as follows:  


First Quarter 2020 Second Quarter 2020 Third Quarter 2020 Final Quarter 2020

29th January

8th April 

       1st July

 7th October

12th February

22nd April

       15th July

 21st October

26th February 

6th May

       29th July

 4th November

11th March

20th May

       12th August

 18th November

25th March

 3rd June

       26th August

 2nd December


 17th June

       9th September

16th December 



23rd September




Clinics will be held in each of the Municipal District Offices on the dates listed above, the Stranorlar MD clinic will be held at Corporate Headquarters, Co. House, Lifford




It would be much appreciated if people would adhere to the time slots for the clinics which are as follows::



09:30am to 12:30pm  


This slot is a non-case specific public drop in facility only. This is a lay person information service and is reserved for this purpose. Persons should not seek to discuss a live case or specific case with a planner during this time. A person arriving to the drop-in clinic and wishing to discuss a live case or specific case are likely to be invited to make a prior appointment with the Planner for an alternative date or to submit a pre-planning enquiry. 


13:00pm to 16:00pm 


This slot is reserved for more detailed, specific or live cases and will work on a prior appointment basis only. Persons may discuss a specific case with a Planner during this slot only if a prior appointment is made with advance information given to the Planner. This slot should not be used as a drop-in facility or as an opportunity to discuss cases with a Planner which have not been pre-booked. Where someone wants to discuss a new proposal with a planner, they first need to submit a Pre planning Application Form with relevant details. They will then receive an acknowledgement which will quote the relevant pre planning number, they should then contact the relevant planner (see phone times below) and arrange a date for a meeting (just be sure to quote your reference number).

You are requested to respect these guidelines in the interests of providing a fair and effective clinic service.


 The Municipal District Planners as from the 02/03/2020 are as follows: 

Donegal MD

Glenties MD

Letterkenny MD

Inishowen MD

Stranorlar MD

Aideen Quinn EP

Donna Callaghan AP

Sinead McClafferty EP


Elaine McEntee EP

Geraldine Havlin AP

Killian Smith EP

Leona Finlay AP

Ciara Condon EP


Revised Telephone Arrangements until further notice



Inishowen MD:        Friday       9am to 12.30pm

Glenties MD:           Tuesday    9am to 12.30pm

Donegal MD            Tuesday    9am to 12.30pm

Letterkenny MD:      Tuesday    9am to 12.30pm        

Stranorlar MD:        Friday       9am to 12.30pm


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